What is your “big dream?”

Every December, since last century when I began teaching, I stage a retelling of The Gingerbread Man with my students. What initially began as a simple 10 minute play in the late 90s, has evolved into a filmed production complete with green screen, set changes, and make-up application. In the midst of one of our first Mulready recreations a few years ago, my amazing and truthful Kindergarten colleague informed me that “this chaos is out of control.” To this I replied… “I know. It is just that I dream so big!”

Since then, this “dream so big” term has been coined to describe my many, (Did I mention many?) other well intended, yet chaotic endeavors at work. I even have the T-shirt! (Which of course I made with my Cricut and gave one to each of my Kindergarten teammates.) I can’t help it. I always think that I can do it all. And honestly, I thrive on having a project or purpose.

Isn’t this the case for all of us? Don’t we all thrive on having a purpose? With everything remotely social closed, and so many of us working from home or not working at all, our sense of purpose is evolving daily. We are having to make changes to our routines to redefine and manage our time. Some of us are watching more TV or picking up that hobby we’ve ignored for so long. Others are embracing the spring weather by getting outside for a walk or run, while others are taking this time to rid their homes of clutter or spruce up a room with a fresh coat of paint. Many of us are spending more forced “quantity time” with family. (This may not always be “quality time”, but that will be a future post!)

What is your “big dream” during this social distancing advisory? How are you spending your time now? Can you recommend a new series on Netflix that we should binge? Are you crafting or cleaning or both? Where is the best walking path in your area? Are you making daily trips to the supermarket on a scavenger hunt for the only package of toilet paper left in the Commonwealth?

Feel free to reply with your “big dream” in the comments. We look forward to hearing about it. And remember…Dream so big that your thoughts turn into your memories.

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  1. To get dressed before 10AM! Accomplished today only because I thought I had a google meeting at 10:30 but now changed to 1! To play at least one board game (or online game) with my kids and to get on their nerves about asking them what have you done academically today. If you know me I have one child that I do not have to ask this but the other one, well..he is lucky I love him and he is cute! To do some form of exercise daily, either walk, run or do a fitness class that my trainer from my gym has shared. Check out the show “Zoey’s extraordinary play list”, it is on NBC Sunday nights and I believe also streamed the next day. Love it and it has some great music to dance to.


    • Thanks for sharing! I have been exercising more regularly too. It is nice to have the time to make it a priority. I will definitely check out Zoey tomorrow night and have myself a dance party!


  2. My big dream for this time is to finally set up my craft room I have been dreaming of since I was a little girl. In doing this I need to clean my room at my parents and move stuff over to my own house, hence why it’s a dream and not a reality yet because I have to clean. Once it’s all set, I’ll be so excited to finally have my Cricut space all set.

    You do dream so big, and have all best intentions. Your an inspiration to all when you dream so big!

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  3. My dream is to find peace within myself, to live each day more fully, being grateful for all I have. I’d like to take on an additional volunteer position which would give me a feeling of purpose on top of my current volunteer job of working in my church thrift shop (love this). I am alone, retired, with grown grandkids so would like to fill more time with purposeful activities. This time of being isolated in my home is giving me time to consider different options. Even at my age (close to 77 years), I get excited to do different things and make new friends.I am very happy to join this blog. Good luck, Julie. You are the best. AND I never knew you wanted to be a writer. Good for you for following your dreams.


  4. I wouldn’t exactly call it a “big dream,” but I have definitely been staying occupied during these “stay at home” times. I have been organizing and decluttering closets, bureaus, living areas etc. that I never have time to get to when I am working. It’s a great feeling to see order and organization where there once was chaos! I’ve been reading books on numerology/spirituality (a big interest of mine). I also finished a book that Judy let me borrow and didn’t think that I would be able to get to until summer (A Spark of Light by Judy Picoult). I once took a tap class that moved a little too quickly for me, so years ago, I bought a tap dance DVD that I started to do, but life got in the way of my doing it consistently. Now I have the time! I haven’t started it yet, but I located my tap shoes (Easy to find now that my closet is organized!) and have a wooden board that I resurrected from the basement that is in place in the family room so that I can start at any time. Other things that I have been doing to keep busy: checking and posting on Facebook, exercise videos, online shopping/purchasing [to add to my newly organized closet :), ]various school-related tasks, Netflix (I rewatched some of “Grace and Frankie” [my all-time favorite] and started “Ozark.” I also have my eye on “Self Made” and “Tiger King.” (Has anyone seen these? Are they good?) My sister also suggested that I subscribe to a free trial of HBO to watch “My Brilliant Friend,” a series that is sub-titled in which the characters speak the Italian dialect that my family speaks. We both love that show. Julie, since you suggested S***town, I have not listened to another podcast. Melissa suggested “Ghosts in the Burbs,” so I started listening to that also. So far, it’s interesting. I’ve gone on walks around my neighborhood when the weather was sunny and warmer. One last thought: Julie, it might surprise you to know that when I was in high school and considering a possible career path, I was torn between education and journalism. I’ve always been interested in writing, too. When I retire, I want to try writing children’s books!

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    • I loved reading this and learning so many new things ga about you Anna! You have some “big dreams” to accomplish and enjoy over the next month plus.

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    • Wow…you put me to shame with your big dreams! I love that you are taking up tap dancing again. How was the Jodi Piccoult book? She is one of my favorite authors. I don’t think you need to wait until you retire to pursue your dream of authoring children’s books. Dream big and try your hand at it now!


      • The Jodi Piccoult book was good–a little slow-moving at times, but definitely worth reading. Too much to do right now to try authoring children’s books!


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