The New Mullet

I am pretty excited about this post because I think I am about to coin a new term. I know, can you believe it?  I am on my fourth post and am already adding to the English vernacular.  Before I reveal this novel phrase, I think we should back up and provide our much younger (or senile) readers with some “hair history”.

This is a mullet!

Wikipedia (no judgments on my sources please!) states that mullets emerged in modern history in the 1970s with rock stars such as Rod Stewart and Paul McCartney.  In the 1980s, it became popular with the lesbian culture and in the 1990s and beyond, hockey players were frequently sporting them. My son was owning his mullet this fall, as a member of his college hockey team!

So what does a mullet represent?  “Business in the front and party in the back.” has been used to describe this unique hair style.  It consists of a more professional look in the front and sides and a long, relaxed look in the back. Simple stated, the mullet is the perfect dichotomy! 

So, you must be waiting anxiously to learn this new term that you can use with your quarantined family, so here it is…

Mullet Dressing!  

When I searched my newly named fad, I came across two things.  The first is the “mullet dress”, a short lived fashion trend that celebrities wore about ten years ago.  You guessed it…the dress is short in the front and long in the back.

The other search resulted recipes to be served with the red or silver mullet fish.  These look absolutely delicious, by the way, but not even closely related to my interpretation “mullet dressing”.

So this is why I believe that I have identified a new term. My search came up with nothing remotely related to my understanding of the term.  So, for anyone who would like to add a definition to Urban Dictionary for me, here is it:

“Mullet Dressing” is the way that, many people who work from home dress on a daily basis. It is dressing for business on the top and leisure on the bottom.  My husband is the perfect example of a mullet dresser.  His hair is perfectly coiffed and his dress shirt is ironed to a crisp.  From the waist down, he wears drawstring sweatpants and LL Bean slippers.  

I inquired about this unique fashion statement and was bluntly told that on Zoom meetings, you are only seen from the waist up.  The primary need for the waist down is comfort.  It made perfect sense to me!

So, I tried it out last week with my Google Meetings.  And do you know what?  He is right.  Mullet dressing is FANTASTIC.  I felt that I looked professional for my colleagues, all the while my bottom half was nice and cozy.  I secretly felt a little rebellious!

How many of you are participating in “mullet dressing” at home?  How many are just wearing your pajamas all day?  How many are making a concerted effort to dress as you normally would, despite your change of routine or work environment?  How many you still have to leave the house and dress for work as you typically would?

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  1. First, I want to say that I am really enjoying your blogs, Julie! I never knew you had a secret desire to be a writer. When you and your sister and brother were young I would say “Mom knows everything about you and what you are up to” as a warning to keep you on the straight and narrow! Well, guess what?! Not everything, right? So proud !

    Now on to “mullet dressing”. As many of you know I am retired so no internet meetings or conferences for me! Dress of the day….jeans, sweater and sneakers!!! But I must admit my hair needs a cut and style and I find myself looking like Billy Ray Cyrus more every day!!!


  2. I am comfy all day! Usually wearing some sort of workout outfit. This way I am always ready for a workout, even if I am not feeling it. Gives me motivation to get up off my A** and do something!


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