Help…I have run out of hiding places!

When my children were younger, we used to play the game Sardines.  For those of you who  may be unfamiliar with the game, think of it as reverse Hide and Go Seek.  One person hides and the others need to find that person.  Once somebody finds you, that person hides with you.  The game continues until there is only one “seeker”.  Then, that person is the one to hide, and you repeat the process.

It is no secret that I am extremely competitive, so I relished my turns to be the hider.  I climbed trees, buried myself under clothes in a closet and sat on top of the washing machine in my laundry room.  I would beam with pride when all of the neighborhood kids would say that Mrs. McGowan was the best at Sardines.  Yes I was kids.  Yes, I was!

So I now I find myself in uncharted waters.  I have run out of hiding places. No, I am not still playing Sardines with the neighborhood kids. Although playing Sardines would be really fun right now, the six feet apart rule would make finding the ultimate hiding spot nearly impossible. No, I have run out of places to hide from my family.  

Here are the places I have already tried:

Office:  I have an office that is set up for me to work from home.  Unfortunately for me, it does not have a door, yet!  So, while I am sitting at my desk working, my family thinks it is ok to saunter in and join me. I get questions such as, “Can you edit a PDF?” or “Are you able to help me with my Economics homework?” When I ask my children to ask their father these questions, I am told that they do not want to disturb him because his door is closed.  


I could be like George Costanza and try hiding under my desk, but my dog has taken up residence there already.  Since she is currently my favorite family member, I am fine with that.  The only complaint I have with her is the insane reaction she displays at 10:27am every day when the mail carrier pays us a visit.  But, since she doesn’t ask me to do anything for her, I am willing to turn a blind eye.

Teachers Bennigan Bathroom GIF - TeachersSeries Cry Sob GIFs

Bathroom:  Yes, this place is supposed to be sacred and no one should disturb you here.  Sounds good in theory, but my door does not close tightly and my dog has learned how to use her nose to open it up and join me.  I actually enjoy my dog’s company, but the problem is when she leaves.  She hasn’t mastered the skill of closing the door behind her yet.  With the door remaining partially open, my family thinks I am ready to hold court while I sit on the throne! I get questions from, “What is for dinner?” to “What you doing?”  Really, what am I doing in there?! I am hiding from you!  Do you really think I am actually going to the bathroom?

As you can see, I am needing a space to call my own; a place where no one can find me.  (Ok, maybe the dog, but no humans!) I don’t think working from a tree is an option at this point in time and I am not sure the WiFi signal will transmit through a heap of clothing in the back of my closet.  Do you have any suggestions for where I can hide?  Where are the most secluded spots in your house?  I promise I will not tell your family where they are if you share them with me.   Desperate times call for desperate measures.  I am desperate for some solitude.  I need a new hiding place!

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  1. Julie,
    I love that you are doing this! Gives me a little ray of sunshine on some dreary days being stuck at home!! Can’t wait to read more great blogs from you! Do you have a large closet?? How about there? Lol

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