Which Character Are You?

There is a wonderful children’s book that gives the history of how Winnie the Pooh came to be called Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear by Lindsay Mattick.  I recommend that you watch the story being read.  Not only is it informative, this Caldecott award winner also has captivating illustrations. The story has nothing to do with today’s post. I just thought that you would enjoy the history behind Winnie the Pooh!

When I was pregnant with my daughter, my husband and I (most likely just me and he went along with it) decided to decorate the nursery with a Winnie the Pooh theme.  Looking back, it was the trendy thing to do in 1997, but I am not sure why. Oh bother!

Little did I know at the time, that there was a “group of modern neurodevelopmentalists” out there that thought A.A. Milne’s characters represented varying types of mental disorders.  According to Snopes, the theory that Milne developed his characters with these disorders in mind is false. This does not change the fact that these characters have unique behaviors and ways of responding to life.  This got me thinking about which character I would be during this pandemic.  I came across a Winnie the Pooh Character Quiz on Zimbio, although the questions all related to my views on camping, not Covid-19.  While there may be some similarities between camping and social distancing, I took the liberty to borrow Zimbio’s descriptions, along with the neurodevelopmentalists’ theory and redefine the characters according to our current situation.  

Pooh represents…Impulsivity  

You have stockpiles of food in your cabinets.  You bought in bulk from Total Wine. You might be asking yourself which organization you need to join after the COVID-19 quarantine: Weight Watchers or AA?

Piglet represents…Anxiety

You are worried about everything!  Can germs come through the vents in my car while I am driving?  Will this absence from school affect my child’s chances of getting into Harvard? Oh no!  I only have 20 rolls of toilet paper left.  What am I going to do if I run out?


Tiger represents…ADHD

You can not, I repeat, can not, stay in your house any longer!  You need to get out and do something other than look at the same four walls.  You get in your car and drive to any store to buy anything.  

Eeyore represents…Depression

You are miserable.  You are not motivated to do anything.  You see the confirmed case numbers climbing everyday and you are asking yourself,  “When will this ever end?”

Rabbit represents… OCD

You are armed for germ battle. You have an N95 mask, latex gloves, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes and a can of Lysol with you at all times.  You wash your hands after you wash your hands.

Kanga represents…Social Anxiety

You will go outside of your home, only if you are able to keep the 6 feet apart guideline at all times.  You think the parents who allow their children to ride their bikes with other neighborhood kids need to have their heads examined. But, you do allow your children to socialize with their friends… on Zoom.

Roo represents…Delinquency

You break all of the social distancing rules!  You continue to get together with your friends.  You got into stores without a mask.  You think it is funny to stand close to people you don’t know to see their reaction.  

Owl represents…a Reading Disorder

  You are reading up on everything remotely related to COVID-19.  Your Google searches include terms such as “Coronavirus”, “Death Rate Percentage”, “Fauci”, “Transmission Rate” and “Pandemic”.  You share your newly acquired information with anyone who will listen! 

So, which character are you? Do you find that you can identify with more than one at the same time or that your identity changes depending upon the day?

In case you are curious, I am Winnie the Pooh when it comes to camping. As far as COVID-19, let’s just say that I am glad that Snopes states that there is no truth to the fact that these characters represent any form of mental disorders!

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