Zoom Guide for Baby Boomers and Generation Xers

Okay, let’s state the obvious first.  Two months ago, when the term “zoom” was mentioned to any Baby Boomer or Generation Xer, three things came to mind.

Zoom- This amazing, Boston born, PBS show ran that from 1972-1978 and again in the late 1990s- mid 2000s. It included a cast of diverse middle schoolers who sang, danced and encouraged us to try new things.  They were known for their audience participation…Send it to Zoom…

Zoom- The Moon Man who sang Happy Birthday on a 45 RPM vinyl single.  Who doesn’t recall the excitement when your best friend spent $2.00 on the coveted record purchased from Mars Bargain Land and gave it to you for your 10th birthday?!

South Coast Today

3. The Brady Bunch…This was the original Zoom meeting!

The Brady Bunch was probably my favorite show until I became hooked on Downton Abbey.  Here is a little history for my Generation Y and Millennial readers:

The Brady Bunch ran on TV from 1969-1974, although most of its notoriety came from its many years in syndication.  Mike, a widower, was the idyllic second husband to Carol, a secret divorcee.  Carol had three girls from her first marriage and Mike had three sons.  Conveniently, each child was about a year apart in age and alternated boy/girl beginning with the groovy Greg and ending with the adorable Cindy.  Mike, an architect, was the original work from home Dad and Jan was the quintessential middle child, jealous of her older sister, “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.”  

The opening sequence featured the grid view of each family member, including the housekeeper, Alice, who basically did everything for the stay at home Carol.  While I can not confirm, I believe the intent of the grid view is to show everyone coming together to form “The Brady Bunch.”  I know…that was deep!

So, as a new learner to Zoom 2020, I would appreciate it if people would use my schema of Zoom to help me and countless other Baby Boomers and Generation Xers with our new learning.  Here are my recommendations:

  1. When you set up a Zoom meeting, please default the password to one we can all remember: 0  21  34 !
  2. Begin the meeting by playing the theme song from the original PBS Zoom from the 70s to get us in the mood. “Come on and Zoom, come on and Zoom, Zoom.  Come on and Zooma, Zooma…”
  3. Mute your microphone if it is not your turn to talk.  Look at all of the smiling faces on the Brady Bunch.  Do you know why they are smiling?  Their mics are muted and they do not have to listen to 8 other people trying to talk at the same time!
  4. If you are having a Zoom meeting to celebrate a birthday, throw in the word “big guy” once or twice.  It is a long lost term that deserves to be recognized.  

It’s Friday!  Why not throw a Zoom Happy Hour tonight? Catch up with those family members or friends that you are missing. If you have the free version of Zoom, it will run out in 40 minutes, so you won’t have to worry about spending too much time with anyone you don’t want to!  If you are social, like I am, I recommend purchasing the paid version.  It is not the same as being together in person, but, Big Guy, right now, it’s the next best thing.

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  1. I remember Zoom on PBS! Whenever I send something to my son in the mail, I get to sing that song! He lives in that zip code!

    I also worked at Mars for years. I remember the record department.

    Fun read Julie

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  2. Oh this might be my favorite blog yet! I can still sing the Zoom theme song and the mailing address…Box 350…Boston, Mass 02134…..😂 and thanks for reminding me of the zoom birthday records! I watched the video and started singing along with it…it all came back!!!

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  3. I tried to find episodes of the Brady Bunch so my kids would understand when I told them how great that show was! No Brady Bunch episodes on On Demand or Netflix currently.
    I don’t know what I would do without zoom right now! Last night alone I had 2 zoom meetings, one with high school friends and one with college friends. Zoom is the only thing keeping me sane right now!!

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  4. Ok, so I’m a baby boomer and have not always been thrilled with our current technology! Maybe because I have difficulty figuring it out and haven’t liked that people seem to have lost the art of real conversation (I haven’t for sure, just ask my husband when I get on the phone with my sisters).

    But I must admit I’ve come to appreciate technology during these difficult days. It’s so nice to have face time with my family and friends or just send a quick text to check in. My children and families and I have had zoom visits as well, which mean so much to me. It would be so much harder for us all to not be able to feel connected to one another. So I guess an old dog may not learn all the new tricks but for sure can appreciate them!!!

    (Julie, always love and look forward to your blogs. So proud of you!! xoxo)

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  5. Now, Kris, we have to get you on Facebook! It really is great and it allows us to keep in touch with all our “old” friends and make new friends. Additionally you can view photos, hear news, and respond to joys and sorrows. Julie, I love your blogs. They are so well written and I look forward to them. Love to the two of you.

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    • I will see what I can do about getting her on Facebook. 😉
      Thank you for your compliment. I find enjoyment in writing and it provides me something to look forward to each day too! Love you too!


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