Uh Oh, SpaghettiOs

Breaking News…There are no SpaghettiOs on the shelves, anywhere!


Yes, you read that correctly.  I know that this news may come as a shock to you.  You must be thinking that you don’t remember hearing this newsworthy story on the 5 o’clock eyeopener.  That is because you did not.  I am the first to report this latest item to have vanished from the shelves at Market Basket, Target, Walmart, Shaws, Stop and Shop. How do I know this pertinent information?  It is because my quest for SpaghettiOs has led me to all of these places, only to find myself leaving without the one food my husband is requesting! Uh Oh!!!

So, I decided to go onto Campbell’s website to see where I could  buy the coveted processed food.  As of this morning, all of my previous locations showed up as carrying the pasta with meatballs, but ironically enough, only one in my area has the plain variety.  Why is this not front page headlines with the Clorox wipes, toilet paper and hand sanitizer shortages?!  

The only news report that I could find foreshadowing the latest and greatest shortage is from Reuters on March 4, 2020.  I only wish I had read paragraph 7 then, instead of now.  Then I would have plenty of the circle shaped pasta on my shelves too.

SpaghettiOs have been around since 1965, when Donald Goerke developed the pasta that one could eat with a spoon. There were only three choices at that time: plain, meatballs and franks.  Everyone ate Os and there were no fancy letters to look at or princesses in the can. As a child, I was personally a fan of the Os with franks.  When I married my husband, he introduced me to the meatball variety.  While I no longer eat the canned meal, my husband and children consider it a treat! (I am not sure what that says about my cooking, but I am not willing to ask them that question now…)

SpaghettiOs also had a clever marketing department that developed the infamous jingle…Uh! Oh! SpaghettiOs!

Since the 1980s, people have been using this catch phrase instead of profanity. Well, maybe some of us more than others…

Back to my dilemma…where did all the SpaghettiOs go? If you find any, could you please let me know? You will make my husband and children very happy if you do!

What have you noticed that is missing from the shelves when you go shopping, besides the obvious hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes and toilet paper? What strange foods have you been craving during the last few weeks? Do you prefer your SpaghettiOs plain, with franks or with meatballs?

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