DQ Hankering

*I wish that the DQ in this post referred to talking at the beloved ice cream location, Dairy Queen, home of the blizzard!  However, the DQ initialism here means “During Quarantine”.  

A few Fridays ago, my Maps Destinations popped up on my phone alerting me that it was 8 minutes to my favorite local restaurant.

At first, I was creeped out that my phone had tracked my Friday date night ritual. Once I got over the shock that there really is a spy inside my phone,  I was saddened because what I had taken for granted a week before, was no longer an option for me.  My husband could not pretend to be “Clive Bixby” and meet me at the bar for dinner. We could not play our game of “married or dating”, while we people watched.  Gone were the conversations, which usually revolved around our jobs, kids or the possible games that would be broadcasted on the TVs.

I am DQ hankering for my Friday night date nights!

So, now here lies another problem.  Lately, all of my DQ conversations are difficult.  Gone is the ease with which I could discuss anything. Not because I am discussing things with people that make me feel uncomfortable like politics or religion. It is because, I have nothing to talk about!

I am DQ hankering for meaningful and engaging conversations.

Let me give you an example.  “How was your day?” is a common question to initiate a conversation.  A typical BC (before Covid-19) reply would be filled with the vivid details of the places I went or the people I spent time with. Facial expressions and body language would be enthusiastically displayed during my detailed retelling.

 However, a DQ conversation started with the same prompt gets the asker a snarky reply such as, “I did laundry, washed dishes, took care of the meals, watched the news… Wait?  Why are you asking me about my day?  You know what I did.  We haven’t left each other’s side in 42 days!” 

Maybe my DQ hankerings have something to do with the fact that our life now is somewhat reminiscent of Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day movie of the 1990s, same exact thing, every day!

I miss going to work, visiting my family and going to the gym. I am DQ hankering for places to go other than the once a week trip to Market Basket.

With all of the talk about DQ, I am changing my mind. It is about the ice cream giant too. I think I will get in my car and drive over to DQ and fill my hankering with a Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard! At least they are open!

What are you DQ hankering? What is the one thing you miss the most?


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  1. My DQ hankering would be spending time with my family and friends…..going out for lunch or dinner, or gathering in each other’s home, poking around the mall, seeing my grandchildren playing their sports, volunteering in kindergarten!!!! I wouldn’t mind another peanut butter blizzard as well, Julie 😂

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  2. My DQ hankering is going back to my volunteer job, attending our usual condo activities, and going to church. I love church and particularly love the coffee time afterwards. This lasts for about an hour and it is just so much fun catching up with your church family. Most of all, I miss my family and my friends and our activities. Although I have had intentions to do so many projects around the house, I have done none. BUT I did go to Hayward’s Ice Cream and had two scoops of Mocha Chip ice cream in a waffle cone. Oh, so good! This was last week, I just might get another one next week…..

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