Kindergarten Carjacker!


There are not many things that I would say that I am an expert on, but five-year olds is definitely one of them.  So, you can imagine my shock when I heard about the five-year old with few dollars in his pocket, who stole his parents car and drove it for almost three miles en route to California to buy a Lamborghini. Why? His parents told him, “No! We will not buy you one.”

The story could end there, but it does not.  An empathetic Lambo owner, impressed by the boy’s determination, drove to young Adrian’s house to give the adventuresome child a ride in the ultimate sports car.  Clearly, that was a nice gesture on his part, but someone in California feels the need to one up that!  Adrian has been offered to fly to the Golden State to sit behind the wheel of the coveted vehicle and actually drive it. What’s worse is the newscaster seems to think this is a great idea!

Have you people lost your ever-loving minds?

Let’s examine the facts:

  1. Adrian’s parents told him that buying a $200,000 car was not in the family budget.  One of the main jobs of a parent is to teach your children the word, “no.”  Life is all about being told that you can not have or do something that you want.  They were completely spot on with this one.
  2. Adrian STOLE the keys to the family’s car while his parents were at work and his sister was asleep.  Last time I checked, stealing from anyone is wrong.
  3. Adrian, the Kindergarten student, got in the car and drove it for more than 2 miles! While that is impressive, it was a miracle that no one was hurt during this escapade.  It is scary to think of what could have happened to him or someone else.
  4. His parents gave him added chores as a punishment and allowed for a more appropriate interaction with a licensed owner/driver of a Lambo. (Although sitting on the lap on someone in the front seat without a seatbelt does not seem very safe to me. But that could be another post…)

To you, well-intending business owner in CA…Shame on you!  You are reinforcing dangerous behavior by inviting him to go to California and actually drive a car!  He is 5 years old!!!!!  Five-year olds should be playing with Hot Wheels sports cars and riding a bike with training wheels, not driving an elite sports car.  

What does this teach the impressionable young Adrian? If I don’t get what I want, then I am going to do it anyways because people will eventually give into me.  

What does this teach other potential Kindergarten Carjackers?  If I steal my parents’ car, then I can get to go and drive a hot rod too!

Wake up people!  I think we have all lost our common sense on this one.  There is nothing cute about rewarding dangerous behavior in a child.

I am just thankful that this boy goes to school in Utah!

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  1. GREAT BLOG! Right on target!!!! “No” was a word I know you heard growing up (remember Jordache jeans??). I heard it a lot, too! But reward for bad behavior or choices was never an option for you or me!!!

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