Magnificent Multitasking Moms!

Mothers today are being faced with a multitude of additional challenges and responsibilities.  If I had to write the job description of a mother in 2020, it might look something like this…

A mother is a provider of: 

  • child, adolescent, adult and spouse care
  • financial means
  • medical care
  • laundered clothes
  • groceries, toiletries and batteries for the Xbox controllers
  • meal preparation several times a day
  • clean dishes 
  • cleansed children
  • educational instruction
  • daily organization and calendar planning
  • transportation or taxi services
  • emotional support
  • social interactions 
  • disinfected home environment
  • discipline and reality checks

And the list could go on!

Sunday is Mother’s Day. According to the website National Today, Anna Jarvis was the first person to successfully lobby to make it a national holiday. In order to honor her own mother who had recently passed, Anna organized the first Mother’s Day celebration in May 1908 with the financial support of department store owner John Wanamaker in Philadelphia.

What I did not know was that once it became a national holiday in 1914, and Hallmark and others began to cash in on the commercialism, Anna Jarvis spent most of her wealth on lawsuits trying to remove it from the calendar. Why?  She resented the commercialism that this holiday became.

So, here is a thought…let’s celebrate this year the way that Anna Jarvis intended.  Not the Hallmark holiday that we have become accustomed to, but rather one that truly honors the laborious love that goes into the role of being a mother today.  Let’s pay tribute to the magnificent, multitasking mothers of 2020 with some old fashioned acknowledgements.

If your mother or mother of your children is alive…

  1. Save the $5.00 on the Hallmark card and consider writing her a heartfelt message on a piece of paper.  
  2. Give the gift of your time. Most of us seem to have a little bit extra of this lately.  Connect via a Zoom meeting or plan a date to do something together in the future. 
  3. Give her the gift of her time. Leave her alone for a few hours!  
  4. Let her do whatever she wants. Give her the remote and a pillow and let her pick the show or choose the way she would like to spend the day. Moms often cater to the wishes of their family. You can cater one day to hers!

How do you plan to spend your Mother’s Day? How will you honor your mother? Do you agree that it has lost its intended meaning by becoming too commercialized?  If you are a mother, do you wish that everyone would just leave you along for a few hours instead of trying to entertain you?

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day, Julie. Yes, mothers have always been multi-tackers but so much more in 2020. I can’t imagine the busyness of young mothers today with so many more responsibilities with this coronavirus pandemic. She has to do so much to keep the home running smoothly and delve deeply into her resourcefulness to keep the kids focused on their schoolwork, alleviate their boredom by planning activities, keep the kids in order and not fight with each other, mask them and distance them from others and herself if she has an appointment or simply has to shop (where she has to deal with so many barren shelves and now meat counters) and work from home. Not easy to say the least. But “she is woman” and seems to be able to do it all quite well. God bless all the mothers.


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