Why Noah Had It Better Than We Do…

Tomorrow the “Stay at Home Advisory” will be lifted, ending eight weeks of what?  That remains unclear in the state of MA.  This morning I searched terms like, “May 18 stay at home advisory lift” in order to gain some insight, because I figured that I must have missed something.  Guess what I found?  Nothing.  In less than 24 hours,  nonessential businesses are supposed to get to go ahead to reopen (if they can afford to), but they still do not know what that will look like or if it will truly happen.

Recently, someone shared their faith based view on the COVID-19 outbreak with me.  He said that is was God’s way to punish our society, hitting the urban areas the worst where crime and amoral actions were abundant.  While it is just an opinion that is probably shared by others, obviously shaped by their knowledge of the Old Testament, it did get me to think about the stories of floods and plagues. So, I am going to compare our situation now to the Genesis story of Noah’s Ark. In this well-known bible tale, God brings a flood which destroys everything on earth.

For me, it was a no brainer…Noah, a six hundred year old man, had it better than we do.

  1. Noah had a warning that the flood was coming and was able to prepare his family with everything they would need on an ark under God’s guidance. Noah had plenty of time to gather toilet paper and SpaghettiOs and pack them on his vessel.
  2. Noah had his family and a bunch of animals on his ark. While cleaning up the waste from the elephants must have been a chore that they resented, they did not have to worry about logging into school/work for several hours a day and try to learn new content or produce work through a computer screen.
  3. Noah did not have to be afraid every time he came within 6 feet of his family members. He could freely hug his sons and walk around without a face covering.
  4. In Biblical times, the rain lasted for 40 days and 40 nights. This coronacation has lasted for 55 days. While Noah had to stay on his ark for about 150 days total, the threat of rain was gone and he could breathe a sigh of relief. When we leave our haven, our threat potentially increases, with no immediate end in sight.
  5. Noah lived to the ripe old age of 950 years old! That is more than 10x longer that the average age of people who have succumbed to COVID-19 in MA (average age is 82).
  6. Noah got a rainbow, a covenant that a flood like this would never happen again. Right now, all we get is the possibility of a vaccine and another outbreak next winter.

As for my opinion on COVID-19 being an act from God, I have to disagree. I have a hard time thinking that God, who loves us despite our flaws and forgives our sins, would exhibit such an intentional act of genocide. Not only that, it is our elderly, medically fragile and frontline workers who are most afflicted. Last time I checked, these people are the salt of the earth.


Back to tomorrow… an opening of some sort better happen because I feel for these small and large business owners and employees.  This is their livelihood that we are talking about.  I hope our governor can find a way to put universal precautions in place to allow these businesses to reopen.

Also, I have an appointment with my hairapist on Tuesday morning and if I don’t go, I am going to begin to look like Noah!


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