Be Careful of Loaded Questions

This morning, I was teaching a kindergarten reading group of four adorable students. We all sat on the rug in the corner of the classroom. As we previewed the book we were about to read, one of the students commented on the pictures. “Mrs. McGowan, this lady looks like you when you were a young […]

No Regrets

I am not going to lie. I woke up this morning with a stinging feeling of regret. You know that feeling. The one that finds you repeatedly questioning (with disappointment) your decision to do or not to do something.Usually my regretful decisions include food, but this time my regret was not for eating the cheeseburger […]

My SimpLISTic Life

My family is a list family.  We make lists for everything from groceries to household jobs. I think it is satisfying to be able to cross something off a list.  It is a sense of accomplishment! But, not everyone in my family loves the lists the same way I do.  So, I’ve had to be […]

It’s March the Last!

This morning, I was conducting an online meeting with my Kindergarten students.  As a part of our daily morning meeting routine, we figure out the date.  After I highlighted the number “31”, I asked my students if someone could tell me what today’s date was.  One student, very excited that it was her father’s birthday, […]

Short and sweet…Go Gamecocks

My new favorite pastime is watching Women’s College Basketball. My hobby began last year, but unfortunately, COVID cancelled the tournament so this year is my first time watching it all the way through. And, what a tournament it has been!I meant to write today’s slice last night, but I was up late watching games. I […]

It’s Mommy and Daddy

For my readers who may not know me personally, I need you to know something to help you better understand today’s story.  My husband and I are a comedy act together.  We spend our days trying to outsmart the other with our quick wit.  We find humor in self-deprecation, especially when it involves the both […]

Happy Hip-iversary!

Caitlin in the Pre-op Clinic waiting room at Boston Children’s Hospital Author’s Note… Ten years ago today my daughter, Caitlin had a total hip replacement at the age of 14. During a two-year span prior to her THR, she underwent many surgeries and tests to determine why she lost the blood supply to her left […]

Spring Fever

Most Fridays during the school year, I work late. I like to have everything in place and ready to go for Monday morning before I leave for the weekend. I am usually the last car to leave the lot. But today, I developed spring fever and had to leave work about an hour and half […]


As I wait, I watch. It makes the time go by. I ponder why each person is here. Are they here to support a  family member or friend? Are they on a break from work? Are they a patient? It is a Sociology study. Different genders, races, ethnicities and ages brought together at this exact […]

Encouraging Words From A Six-Year-Old

“I will persevere and do my best even when I need help. I still am happy when I make a mistake. I do not quit.” Our school motto is: Have no fear…Mulready Cougars persevere! This student wrote me a note and left it on my desk. It makes me so proud to see my student […]


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